To us, there’s more to life than chasing after a bigger portfolio figure year on year. For success that will outlast burnouts and fatigue calls for an approach that balances knowledge development, technical training and personal growth while making positive social impacts.

At the core of our business, we help clients plan, protect, grow and meet their financial needs through financial growth and insurance solutions. However, at the heart, we are focused on empowering people to build a fulfilling business in serving clients and the community through professional financial consultation.

We are set to pave a new way of business for financial consultants across South East Asia to serve clients better while becoming better entrepreneurs.

The growth rate
of Providence from
2013 till today.

The age of our oldest
consultant and still
going strong!

The combined percentage
of the world we
have travelled.


Vision, integrity and growth are our governing values. The combination of this trio drives us every day.

Our focus is always on long-term goals instead of short-term gains, for us and our clients. Maintaining the highest level of integrity and treating everyone fairly are paramount in our daily affairs. Last but definitely not least, we never stop learning.


Low Han Hwa


His approach is inspiring, his influence is lasting, a true people’s leader at heart.

After 30 years in the life insurance industry, Mr. Low is well respected for his broad experience and his ability to unite a team and bring them to success. Never one to give up on his dream to strive for betterment despite the odds, he soared to the top of the industry leading a team of 500 and achieving RM30 million in new businesses within just one year.

As with every industry, there’s always a way to serve the people better, all it takes is a willing initiator. With this burden in his heart, Mr. Low forewent his spot at the top and embarked on a journey to build a platform that will be more rewarding for entrepreneurial top performers, allowing them to enjoy financial freedom even after retirement and pass on their business empires to the next generation. Thus, in 2013, Providence Malaysia was established.

Low led a team of 500 and
achieved RM30MIL in new
businesses within just one year.